Teeny (1/2" x 1/4")
Tiny (9/16ths" x 7/16ths")

From Mark
I found an arrowhead when I was 12 while hunting with my Dad and my brother... it's a shit story though.
We were hiking up the slope of a plateau in Eastern Oregon (Glass Butte area). I looked down and found a small arrowhead made from obsidian. It looked legit, and my Dad took "for safekeeping", but it ultimately ended up in his own collection. To this day he insists he doesn't remember any of it, and likewise doesn't know/admit which one is the one I found. Its a known fact that arrowheads are ridiculously intriguing to 12 year old boys, so I doubt this was a fanciful dream of mine. Unintentional inter-family arrowhead theft!! Perhaps I need legal advice...